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The band was established by Andor Horvath, a contrabass player, in 2022. Joined on sax, flutes, and other instruments by Viktor Haraszti (ViO)  and drums Adam Haraszti. Viktor and Andor's meeting in the Netherlands began with a long trip. Over the years, their friendship was enriched and strengthened with several exciting concerts and studio recordings. Another and a new homecoming, a musical journey, discovery, surprise, and the pure joy of creating what the audience can experience during their concerts. They challenge each other to dive into new sounds, territories, and genres. They are not afraid to use folk elements, Folk instruments, and new grooves from different styles or the Universe. Their shows are vital, fresh, and energetic and share good vibes with the audience. This musical celebration is joined by Adam, with his unique, flexible, groovy drumming so the trio can take off and become Trio Left.



Andor was born in a small Hungarian city, Szeged. Where at he finished his elementary education. But after all that, the music placed him somewhere else. He moved to Budapest, and there he studied the double bass.

After deciding to move to The Netherlands, he attended jazz studies at the Royal Conservatory of Holland.

During and after his studies, Andor joined several musical projects, recordings, and tours with different ensembles of different genres of music.

His - fresh, deep, groovy - double bass playing and his open mind is searching for new challenges and stretching the boundaries.

He created his sound and a unique way of playing to become a spiritual beast of the double bass. Andor is a raw and powerful MMA (Mixed Musical Artist), coming from ethno-folk traditions that he spices up with the blues from New Orleans.



Viktor Haraszti is a Hungarian-born, Holland-based musician, sax player-multiinstrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer. Hitting his first notes behind the piano as a seven-year-old, he later picked up the clarinet at age 11. Seven years later, he got his first diploma at the famous Bela Bartok Conservatory in Budapest. Influenced by a visit to Fats Domino's Budapest concert in the late '80s, Rock & Roll set off his passion and inspired him to pick up the saxophone right after graduation. Learning the traditions of Rhythm & Blues and playing with different local bands helped him to develop his interest in jazz. Discovering Parker, Miles, and Coltrane's works while he was working at the music library made him set his direction in music.

​Fast forward to 2005, when he graduates cum laude at Utrecht Conservatory, the Netherlands. Traveling and working with international acts in Africa, Portugal, and Brazil, helped him to combine his roots and develop a multicultural insight into his works as a musician and composer. Currently, he is a candidate Master in Music and Music Design at Hogeschool Utrecht, The Netherlands.



Ádám Haraszti was born in Szeged in 1991. He started playing drums with László Csizmadia at the age of 6. Between 2010 and 2012, he studied at the Kőbánya Music Studio. In April 2013, he got admitted to the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, where he graduated in 2016. Since 1998, he has been in many bands, where he challenged himself to play in many musical styles, from pop through klezmer to jazz. His current main band is HAP's project. Their third album, Wonky Tonky, will be released this year.

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