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ViO Trio Edition, live @Tivoli de Helling

ViO Trio Edition


ViO - Trio Edition is an innovative project that blends jazz, electronica, experimental elements, and free improvisation. The trio consists of Viktor Haraszti (ViO) on saxophone, EWI, and electronics, Andor Horvath on double bass, and Anthony Davis on drums. Although the three musicians had never worked together before, they had all been active in their solo careers before coming together to push the boundaries of modern jazz.

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ViO ( Viktor Haraszti) portret
Andor Horvath, contrabass, portret photo.

Viktor Haraszti is a Hungarian-born, Holland-based musician, sax player-multiinstrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer.. After studying at the Utrecht Conservatory, he worked for many years as a freelance musician before turning his attention to production and audio engineering. In 2021, he founded his own company and record label, ViOmusic, and released his first self-produced, internationally acclaimed solo album, Equanimity - A Futuristic Jazz Tale. Currently, Viktor is pursuing a master's degree in music and technology at HKU and is working on innovative and immersive audiovisual performances.


Andor Horvath, a double bassist from Hungary, graduated with honors from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He has participated in various musical projects, recordings, and tours with ensembles from different music genres. His fresh, deep, groovy double bass playing, combined with his open-mindedness and search for new challenges, pushes the boundaries and creates innovative music. Andor has had a good collaboration with Viktor for years, and together they form a unique and innovative duo.



Anthony Davis is a well-established drummer from the US. He has worked with various artists and bands and is an experienced and highly skilled musician. Anthony previously worked with Andor on other projects, and now they are reunited as a solid rhythm section for ViO - Trio Edition.

The visual element of ViO Trio Edition's performances, using video projection, adds an extra dimension to their music and makes their project unique and innovative. The trio is determined to blaze new trails in modern jazz and push the boundaries of traditional jazz. Together, they bring a new and exciting musical experience to audiences.

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