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''Not just unique, not just immersive, Haraszti’s ongoing musical exploration will be fascinating to witness... ''

Debbie Burke Jazz Author

''Haraszti as an explorer of a planet from the Sun Ra universe, remembering the words of Wayne Shorter who once said that jazz can be described as 'I dare you'.''- Georges Tonla Briquet ( Jazzhalo-be.)

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Viktor Haraszti is a Hungarian-born, Holland-based musician, sax player-multiinstrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer. Hitting his first notes behind the piano as a seven-year-old, he later picked up the clarinet at age 11. Seven years later, he got his first diploma at the famous Bela Bartok Conservatory in Budapest. Influenced by a visit to Fats Domino's Budapest concert in the late '80s, the Rock & Roll set off his passion and inspired him to pick up the saxophone right after graduation. Learning the traditions of Rhythm & Blues and playing with different local bands helped him to develop his interest in jazz. Discovering Parker, Miles, and Coltrane's works while he was working at the music library made him set his direction in music.

Fast forward to 2005 when he graduates cum laude at Utrecht Conservatory, the Netherlands. Traveling and working with international acts in Africa, Portugal, and Brazil, helped him to combine his roots and develop a multicultural insight into his works as a musician and composer.

 In the latest years, Viktor created ViOmusic, his creative platform, and a future record label.

In 2018, as a musician bandleader of ViO, he released four singles (EP) that were internationally well-recognized as an innovative project. The EP was recorded live in virtual reality, ViO 360° LIVE, was a collaboration with renowned Dutch musicians, Remco van der Sluis (Jan Akkerman band) - drums, 

Taco Nieuwenhuizen - bass, Edgar van Asselt (Jorge Vistel) - Keys. The project acclaimed 3rd place on the 7 Virtual Jazz Club Contest's social media round and received good international reviews.

Currently, Viktor is busy releasing his first studio album, "Equanimity: A Futuristic Jazz Tale'' is a solo project under the label ViO. The music expresses duality (chaos/surviving) in disordered times using electronic and futuristic style, deep melodies combined with sonic elements, and progressive fusion of rhythms. The album holds performances with renowned American drummer Dave King ( The Bad Plus), Lisa Marie Simmons, vocalist/lyricist, and more. 

         Release date 12.12.2021.

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