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ViO (Viktor Haraszti) - Band picture, performance at Cafe Miles, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Welcome to my Projects page, showcasing a diverse range of musical ventures. Delve into a collection of past and present innovative projects, including dynamic band collaborations and captivating solo endeavors. From genre-blending fusions to distinct artistic expressions, each project reflects my passion for pushing musical boundaries. Explore the evolution of my work and join me on this multifaceted journey through the world of music.


The  Brand

ViO is the brainchild of Hungarian-born, Holland-based saxophonist Viktor Haraszti.

The Brand, is not exactly a band. It represents an alter ego project. The purpose of it is to avoid being closed in a one-term concept.


'' ViO represents my freedom, the freedom to play what I want without limits. Through this identity, I escape from the idea of a solo musician, or a jazz trio, or quartet, it has no fixed format as well as no fixed style.'' (Viktor Haraszti)

The first project was a quartet playing fusion in Virtual Reality. Now, the new album brings only Viktor and some special guests. In the future, the project might change to a new setup and proposal. Different artists may join it, and this is fine because the project is the emancipation from any established model. ViO means freely contributing, mixing styles and rhythms, experimentation, improvisation, and making music without barriers.

That's why Equanimity is so different from the previous EP ViO Live 360°. 


''This is what I love about being an artist. I can improve my style, mix my influences, deal with new technology and produce something unexpected.'' (Viktor Haraszti)

ViO - The Band: Welcome


A Futuristic Jazz Tale

Equanimity is a one-man project. Viktor took care of the compositions, performance, and production.The album transcends the experimental approach and conveys the repertory toward the electronic and futuristic style, with deep melodies combined with sonic elements, and progressive fusion of rhythms. 
With renowned drummer Dave King ( The Bad Plus ) on board and the lyricist, singer/ songwriter Lisa Mari Simmons, Equanimity expresses the duality (chaos/surviving) in disordered times and unfolds a personal journey (chapter by chapter), to reach the climax and finally an enigmatic conclusion.

ViO - The Band: Text
New Studio Album coming soon!
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ViO - The Band: Videos


The release of his ViO 360° sessions video - EP in autumn 2018 led to wider press attention around Europe.

Musically speaking the project is a mixture of jazz, fusion & groove originals — influenced by the likes of Michael Brecker and Joshua Redman — and features Remco van der Sluis (drums), Taco Nieuwenhuizen Segaar (bass), and Edgar van Asselt (keyboards) alongside Viktor.

The project matches the energetic and rhythmic repertoire with a strong visual appeal - through the use of cutting-edge 360° filming & virtual reality. 

Shot in Utrecht’s Kikker Theater, the ViO session was released online in full 360º—meaning you can look around the room during the song and get a taste for the full impact of their live show. 


‘’Not just unique, not just immersive, Haraszti’s ongoing musical exploration will be fascinating to witness as he develops his catalogue in this new technology.’’ Debbie Burke jazz author

ViO - The Band: Text
ViO 360 sessions
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ViO - The Band: Videos
ViO trio edition


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