New Studio Album of ViO

Equanimity is a one-man project. Viktor Haraszti (Hungarian-born, Holland-based saxophonist) took care of the compositions, performance, and production. The album transcends the experimental approach and conveys the repertory toward the electronic and futuristic style, with deep melodies combined with sonic elements, and progressive fusion of rhythms. 

''Equanimity expresses my duality (chaos/surviving) in disordered times and unfolds a personal journey (chapter by chapter), to reach the climax and finally an enigmatic conclusion.'' 

"The electro-acoustic character of the album looks very organic...Complicated and interesting - just like in life! ''

by Leonid Auskern (Jazz Square, Russia)



Viktor Haraszti ( ViO )- Tenor Saxophone, EWI, Clarinet, Flute, Bansuri, Key's, TC-Performer, Vocal

Dave King - drums, on Chapter Two
Marshall Curtly - finger drums, on Chapter Three & Chapter Four, electric drums & shakers, on Chapter Five
Lisa Marie Simmons - spoken word, on Chapter One,Three & Four

All compositions written and produced by Viktor Haraszti

©Lyrics written by Lisa Marie Simmons 
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ ViOmusic by Viktor Haraszti
Cover Photo by Balazs Szucs ©



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by Leonid Auskern (Jazz Square, Russia)

'' The electro-acoustic character of the album looks very organic. Acoustic woodwind solos, primarily tenor saxophone (very difficult in technical terms, especially in Chapter Two), together with the sound of electronics, create a tense, somewhat gloomy, internally unstable atmosphere. Listening to the album, it is difficult to predict how further development will go in this or that part - it seems to me that this is exactly what Haraszti was trying to achieve. ..."As for the rest, it is quite difficult to define the style of the album unequivocally. This album can be of equal interest to both prog-rock fans and new jazz lovers. In general, everything is complicated and interesting - just like in life! ''

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Creative Synergy

A newly released project that delivers the jazz experience from every conceivable angle – literally – is what Viktor Haraszti calls “jazz meets virtual reality.” He has publicly launched the platform, ViO 360, with his first song “Haiku,” inspired by a work from the late 19th Century poet Masaoka Shiki.

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Professional Guidance

''The first in a series of 360º videos from European saxophonist Viktor Haraszti launches this month.''

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Professional Guidance

"To the third place we have ViO with the song "Haiku" that received 1723 views and 450 likes."

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Lasting Impact

  ''Music meets virtual reality''

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Lasting Impact

Haraszti Viktor Magyarországon született, de középiskola után már Hollandiában kezdte az egyetemet, és azóta is ott él. Fúvós hangszereken játszik, mint szaxofon, klarinét, fuvola, EWI. Emellett zeneszerző és tanár. Új projektje a ViO 360°, ami igazán látványos és hamarosan megtudjunk, mit is jelent. A ViO contemporary és jazz fusiont játszik, de ami az újdonság, hogy az élő jazz zene felvételt egy 360 fokban látó kamerával veszik fel, amihez utána látványos grafikai elemeket kapcsolnak, így a videóban nem csak a zene élvezhető, hanem egy kreatív grafikus segítségével, képi hatások, mozgások is lekötik a nézőket, így több művészeti ág is összekapcsolódik, hogy együtt hassanak több érzékszervünkre.

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Lasting Impact

''Released this month, HAIKU is the first track from his forthcoming EP in which each song is accompanied by a 360º video: whether watching on Vimeo, Youtube or Facebook, you can ‘move’ around the studio as you wish, getting a full immersive experience of the performance.''

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“Party at One World Plaza” is a memorable, well-executed, and engineered album.

“Party at One World Plaza” is a memorable, well-executed, and engineered album.''
''Finally, my hat’s off to the engineer, Viktor Haraszti, for a flawless mixing and mastering job.''