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On the dusty road - with Jhelisa Anderson

There are so many roads, for example, that nice big five line broad highway; everybody drives so easy, sitting with the air conditioning on, some never speed up and stay on the left, some just can’t stand that slow motion, like to rush it even if there is no reason for it. Many of us like rushing it. Not paying attention to the side of the road, there is nothing more important than where we are heading. So, Where are we heading to really? Where is the end of it? Is there an end? No, none of those questions pop up when we are on 'autopilot'. We can relax and enjoy the comfort that we created around us, no worries the machine will take care of it. Maybe one day the machine will even decide how we should think and what should we do, instead of us. But let's not go that far now. Let's talk about how some of us choose to keep both hands on the wheel and go down the road where anything can happen, where dirt and mud get on the tires, where the dust can make the road disappear and we don’t feel that comfort anymore.

I ring the doorbell twice. Nothing happens – perhaps, she’s taking a walk or something - and I start walking a bit against the door just to examine the house. Nice and big, shaped almost like a little church. Well, let's check my phone! My hands almost reached the pocket when a soulful voice behind me said: ‘‘Heeey, Viktor!!’’ I turned back, and she was standing at the door looking right at me with a big smile. -’’Jhelisa, Hello!’’ I greeted with surprise. She’s wearing sunglasses and a Hoodie and looks like she’s traditionally prepared for the road. We properly handle the luggage.

‘‘Let's go to that place where I was playing last night!’’ She says. ‘‘You’re going to like it, it’s a lovely place! I performed my 7 Keys Project for the Summer Of Love Festival in Ruigoord Church, which is right outside of Amsterdam.’’ -‘‘Great, sounds interesting, let's go!’’ Answering enthusiastically and my hand starts the engine. Having a meeting with somebody you admire is sometimes a bit strange, at the beginning, but Jhelisa’s organic spontaneous character makes it easy to get into a nice conversation. ‘‘You are from Hungary, really?!’’ She’s reacting surprised on my brief introduction about myself and I could note a gracious smile on her face. ‘‘Wow, great DNA! Life is full of great DNA’s, all kind of magical people; I know the characteristics of the people from the East of Europe, that passion and colorfulness, I love it!’’ I feel overwhelmed, it surprises me this universal exploration of our existence on this planet. This is a beautiful mindset. Looking for the greatness in all of the things around us. We overlook this often when we were on the road, looking with glass eyes through the window, not detecting anything, only following our programmed scheduled life. ‘‘Turn left there!’’ - She says gently and I see a small church appears on the street side. I park the car close to the side and after we step out we walk on the path until we get to the front door. It is quite a big, old wooden door like the one you see in fantasy films like Harry Potter.

Before I step in, I look around and realize this place is special. Small houses, colorful paintings, crazily shaped sculptures, big wooden porch close to a place where you can make fire at night and a pyramid-shaped house! I started sensing that great vibration in my body, the freedom of existing. Nobody will be judged here.

We are having a great time meeting some local people at the church and the pyramid house; which is still work in progress. The owner, let's say -The Builder – traveled all the way from Cape Town to build this impressive structure. Jhelisa hands a couple of CDs over to him, the guy looks grateful for the gift. She calls him ‘The New Human’. I guess she means to say that we all need to discover something above our ego something more universal. We should all improve ourselves for a greater good. We make some pictures on the way back to the car and I start the engine.

I'm truly impressed with this small village. They really try making a change here. The most difficult one, the inner change.

’’So where do we go?’’ - I humbly asked a simple question from Jhelisa and got slowly worried because we had not eaten for a while and this interview was also delaying. ‘‘Let's go to Wolf Martini’s house the guitar player who played with me at the Songs Of Freedom Festival in Lieden last week commemorating the end of slavery in The Netherlands 155 years ago. We are going to rehearse later this afternoon, perhaps there we can find a local place to eat and do the interview as well.’’

So we do. It’s a great day and the lovely weather here is gold. We talked a lot, and I almost forgot to take the exit on the highway. It doesn’t bother Jhelisa she seems to enjoy my company. We dropped the luggage at Wolf’s house, and I realized I didn’t know this village at all. I took my phone and opened the Google map. Let’s see if I can found something here! Harder than I thought, but I tried not give up the hope. I caught a glimpse of Thee House nearby in the forest, ”I think we are saved!”- I say triumphantly. “Let’s go here! It looks like the only place possible, at least the only one that I can imagine at this moment.-“Okay, let's go!’’ She says smoothly.

As I followed the road, I realized that I probably made the best decision about what this small town has to offer as a lunch place. The path leads into the forest, the road becomes dusty and I think now that’s interesting how my trust in the unknown leads me here. An excellent location for the interview! We parked the car, and I could see the Thee House had a pleasant garden and lunch area. Not busy! A couple of families sitting relaxed, kids have a nice playground. I picked a table, and we sat down under a nice big umbrella, just in case, we are in The Netherlands, you never know. A nice lady came to pick up the order; Jhelisa gives a big smile and with a pleasantly deep voice said confidently: ‘‘Well Hello, how are you? This is a charming place you got here!’’ -The lady gave a surprised smile and she tries to catch up with Jhelisa’s open manner. That’s not what she’s used to around here.

Every time I experienced her direct way of communicating I realized I'm still a bit of a Shy and introverted person. I don’t have that way to use the voice to sound like an invitation to dive into life with open arms. It has a vibration of trust and love. We immediately feel that warmth grooving in our hearts. I have much to learn I guess. After ordering some drinks and food, we had a little chat with the lady about the place and Jhelisa gave her a bit of an introduction to her journey, we finally could start to make things happen. -‘‘You know I wasn't sure if you would like to meet me.’’- I commented. -‘‘Oh yeah, you despaired. I was thinking Viktor probably thinks I'm a diva or something? -and she started to laugh. -’’ I’m bit of a shy person and I didn't want to force things.’’- I answered earnestly. -‘‘Oh, really? That's dear!’’ -She smiles -’’Don't worry I'm not that kind of person!

Stories started to flow, about life and our experiences in the music business. I slowly forgot that I was supposed to press the button and record something. My mobile stayed closed, and I just dived into our conversation. I felt the energy rising and we got into a special ‘’Flow.’’ ‘‘Love your latest project!’’- I reacted passionately at one point- ‘‘You really made a statement as a musician! Everybody is after the big hit, fortune and fame and you just made it clear that we should go after a better inner self! - Nobody expected Jhelisa would make chakra music!’’ ’’Yes, exactly’’ -she reacted instantly -‘‘Now they know!’’ ‘‘Not many want to go down that dusty road, but I’m different. You see… I’m not making a fortune out of this, however, I continued to support this passion project. -’’Yeah,’’- I reply - “many of us don’t take a risk, I guess many of us are afraid. Corruption and mafia are all over the music business and art.’’ -’’Yes, pretty much that’s the situation; moneymakers control most of the major artists. If the artist likes to make a change -and that stands against the course of the business - that's unaffordable. They can force you to stay on it at all costs. They need you to stay and be the puppet for them.’’ -’’Yeah, I just saw recently the movie about 2 PAC's life’’- I continue - ’’what we were talking about now is presented clearly in this film. I found his story a sad situation, because he really tried to escape this suffocating situation.’’ -’’Yes, they have you; they own you. Just look at MJ or Prince, I can go on with names.’’ -‘‘So you decided not to be part of it? -’’Sure, I stay independent. That's the dusty road I'm going to take!’’

This conversation made me realize; we are losing something; we lost our natural environment and the way of looking at life as a bigger thing than we are. All we do is watch how everything slowly has been burned. I guess ''New Human’’ is now the only hope; that vibration change. We need to provide a change from inside to transform the whole vibration that surrounds us. It all starts from within. We don’t have to fight, grab a gun or throw a bomb. We have to shift. Shift us and make a statement. Here I am, see me, feel my vibration! Don't be afraid to come with me, and open yourself; we have to open the doors of the inner rising! Music is sound; the sound is vibration. Sound can cure. It can make a change!

We ordered some food and we spent some time looking at the playground. ‘‘I love kids,’’- she says -’’They naturally have such a powerful vibration; it is unstoppable, look at this one!’’- She laughed about a kid who just drove a small bike into the table next to us. ‘‘What a fearless act! - She says admiringly. - ’’Yes, they are trying everything aren’t they?’’- I say.

I started to think: Why did we lose this? How have we grown up to be such a predictable being, which needs top ten instructions on how to live spontaneously? I felt this is not a regular interview anymore and I’m not a reporter here. -’’I don’t know what to write anymore, I forgot to record everything!’’ , and she said ‘‘come on, you have the interview!’’ -then gave me a mysterious look like I should see a deeper meaning behind all of this. But I could not realize at that point that she was right. All this experience is now printed in my mind and it will be there forever. Having an open conversation with somebody is always more special than following patterns and just try to answer questions. We should have this in our life, as much as possible. That’s how things evolve, that’s how we can grow.

Thank you Jhelisa Anderson, for giving me more courage to take that dusty road!

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